Gentleman At Large



Charles Evans’ new collection brings together poems written over a period of twenty years which have won numerous national and international prizes. They range in subject from illness to health, from politics to pornography, from God to infidelity.

Gentleman At Large is as free in form as it is in content, witty, stylish, and unexpectedly profound.

“Charles Evans’ poems offer an invigorating variety of scenes and subjects. They can be gritty and truthful, or show a flair for fantasy and sly wit, especially in dealing with public themes. Yet there is no doubting the delicacy of many of the more personal poems, where his eye for significant detail is very sure. He wants the reader to agree with him that life can seem to be full of hazards and discomforts, but can still spring some very agreeable surprises.”   

Alan Brownjohn

“There is a clarity that marks him out as a true poet.”

  Brian Patten


Published 1 January 2011

ISBN 978-0-9564127-1-3

Hardback: 96 pp

RRP £9.99